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Ballpoint and/or MS Paint

or, Why I Am Not a Digital Artist

Dragon with Rose. This image, as well as griffin.jpg, was done using MS Paint and nothing else, baby.
Lean Griffin. And wingless to boot. This one took about six hours from start to finish, unlike beauty.jpg, which took about six months--not that I was working on it continuously the whole time, you understand.
Raincoat. Note: I'm only including these five images because they are, technically, furry. One day, I did a bunch of 2-3 minute sketches using a Bic ballpoint. On a whim, I scanned them and colored them using Microsoft Paint (Photoshop is for wienies!). Here is the aftermath of that disaster.
Cody. This picture is only worthwhile because of that smirk on the coyote's face. I should note that the costume was inspired by the Disney musical "Newsies".
Leroy. Doesn't he look like a Leroy?
On the Catwalk. This was a pretty good idea. I may try to do it again someday. With a better sketch . . .
Gregory. This could almost be a furry Calvin Klein ad.

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