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Dragon. I still like this painting, even though I've had it for about four years now. Occasionally, I have violent flashbacks involving painting individual scales for hours on end. Watercolor.
Hero. A German shepherd on a field of abstract color, with a red crow blended in there somewhere. This could be an allegory of some sort, but I think it's mostly just me having fun.
Seven for a Secret. This is the only completely non-morphic thing I'll sneak in here, I promise. Foxes and crows, done before I figured out how birds' wings should look. Watercolor.
Rift. Rift is my IRC YiffNet fursona, a griffin, but where your standard factory-issue griffin is part lion and part eagle, Rift is half longhaired tabby cat and half blue-footed booby. Give it a hug. Watercolor on sketchbook paper.
Egyptian Griffin. I wasn't sure where to put this, as it's technically a mixed-media piece--I used colored pencil on some of the detailing and outlining. But still, it's mostly watercolor. The hell with it. The Egyptian griffin: look out, he's watching you.
Dragon Fly. Not much to say about this one. Obviously, it's an arthropod with the general outline of a dragon, therefore, "dragonfly". Though I doubt it flies very well.

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