Colored Pencil

Storm. A rare action pose of what I think more unicorns should look like, instead of the frilly white spindly-legged fairy creatures I keep seeing. Colored pencil on computer paper.
Falstaff, Briar, and Adua. Three fox-morphs based on three of my plushies. Colored pencil on computer paper.
The Law of the Wild. There are so many mistakes in this one, I won't even bother to list them. A smilodon-morph defends himself against a pack of wolves, colored pencil on tinted card stock. WARNING: Badly-drawn violence.
Tribute. Sept. 7th, 2000. A thylacine-morph poses with lilies. Yes, she is female. Colored pencil on sketchbook paper.
Leafy Sea Dragon. A sea dragon based on the real thing, Phycodurus eques, a relative of the seahorse. Colored pencil on tinted card stock of the precise shade of pale blue that my scanner can't "see". This is also what happened to battle.jpg.
Gray Wolf. A toga-wearing wolfwoman has a dramatic hair moment as she surveys her domain. Extremely grainy scan. Colored pencil on bristol.
Sleipnir. Yes, it's Odin's famous eight-legged steed. Originally a sketch of a Norwegian Fjord pony, but I had to beef him up to accommodate all those legs. A word to anyone attempting a similar feat: eight legs on a horse is too damned many.
Ammit. This is Ammit, the Devourer of ancient Egyptian mythology. If your heart was heavier than a feather when you reached the afterlife, this pretty lady got to eat it. Totally new technique: pencil and ink on drawing paper.
Mechanical Phoenix. Well . . . gee, what else is there to say? It's a Phoenix. It's mechanical. It's guaranteed to last 500 years, or your money back.
Hathor. The Egyptian goddess of fertility and birth, associated with the divine cow. Whoa there, Chester--don't let he bovine avatar fool you, she's really not very nice. She's much, much cooler than Bast or Anubis, yet no one ever draws her.

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