Watercolor and Ink

Wolf/Husky. This skeptical-looking saxophonist was a lot of fun to draw, even if it's more "cartoony" than my usual style. Watercolor and ballpoint on extraordinarily cheap sketch paper.
Portrait of the Artist as a Border Collie. This is actually modeled on Gavin, another one of my plushes, but he's wearing my clothes and sitting at my computer desk. For the record, the cheapness of the paper made my straight lines warp--the chair looks normal in the original. Cheap watercolor, cheap pen, cheap paper.
Horses. I'm just not sure about this one, even disregarding the obvious goofs on the horse's legs and posture. First of all, how is the equinemorph hanging on? Watercolor and ink on sketch paper.
Roni. A rather moody canine of unspecified ancestry, some sort of dog/wolf/dingo/coyote cousin. Watercolor and Uniball.
Dating a Coworker. A border collie and a ram share a (small) bottle of wine. They seem to be enjoying themselves. Watercolor, colored pencil, and ink on sketchbook paper.
Monday. A giant anteater contemplates a cup of coffee. I don't know how he's going to drink it, either. Watercolor, pen on sketchbook paper.
"I don't want to get off on a rampage here..." Dennis Miller as a werewolf, the result of mixing paint fumes, random bursts of creativity, and late-night television. Watercolor, pen, and a black marker for the jacket.
Valentine. I express, through Roni, my opinion of a certain so-called holiday. This was tacked to my door on Feb. 14, 2001. Watercolor and ink on sketchbook paper.
Muse. This fabulous beast was born of a collision between "An American Symphony" from the film Mr. Holland's Opus and a description of a Chinese unicorn that I read a long time ago.
Primal Snarl. The bastard get of a German shepherd, a wolverine, and a gargoyle, I think. Possibly drawn as a counterpoint to muse.jpg. Watercolor and ink on sketchbook paper.
American Alligator. A peculiarly statuesque 'gator doing . . . something. Running? Dancing? Prancing? Just generally showing off his physique? This contrived pose and smirking gator are watercolor and Sakura pen on sketchbook paper.
Madonna. A mother fruit bat cuddles her sleeping infant. Watercolor, colored pencil, Sakura pen.
Oriental Dragon. An oriental dragon drawn as a birthday present for a friend. Watercolor and ink.
Lailokos. Drawing done for Lailokos of YiffNet. Visit his Furnation site, and tell him I sent you.
Rift, Again. Rift tries to open a tin of anchovies. Slow going with no thumbs. Anyway, watercolor and ink, on a 2"x3" scrap of drawing paper.
Chimaera. I'm cheating. This drawing is out of continuity; I did it a several months ago, but didn't like it enough to upload it. Still, I fixed the egregious errors as best I could in MS Paint, and here she is: the Chimaera, the beast of Greek mythology who died rather gruesomely when Bellerophon, astride Pegasus, made her swallow molten lead. That bastard.
The Recurring Unicorn. Well, what can I say? Here she is again. Every fantasist needs a unicorn character. I can't help it if mine happens to be a little . . . different.

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