Russet Crow Annex

Take me to the damn gallery.

Hello, and welcome to my home on the Wode Weld Wirb. Before you get too comfortable, let me quickly outline THE RULES. Yes, I know you've heard these many, many times before, but just to be sure you don't forget:

1. All the artwork and writing on these pages is mine, 1996-2001 to me, Erin M. Schmidt, and all rights are most emphatically reserved. This means I have the right to control how my work is presented, so you need my written (e-mail) permission to put my artwork on your site or post it anywhere. Odds are I'll give it to you, so ask, okay?

2. There is quite a lot of nudity on this site, but no erotica. If you don't understand the difference, hit the "back" button and start running now, because I wouldn't want to be held responsible for warping your tender mind by forcing you to view pictures of naked animals.

Still here? Great! Yeah, yeah, I know you're sick of seeing "don't steal" plastered all over art that no one in their right mind would want anyway, but if I thought my drawings were total crap, I wouldn't have put them up here in the first place.

As you look around, please excuse my boring page layout and/or inept coding skills. My knowledge of HTML is very basic, and likely to remain that way. But hey, that means no frames and no embedded midis!

Please share with me any feedback or suggestions/requests that occur to you. I welcome criticism, provided it's not of the "take an art class u loser u really suck!!! peace out!!!" variety. But hey, I know you're an intelligent lifeform, you took the time to read all the way to the bottom of this page. I can trust you.

Now, on to the furry stuff, which is what you've been waiting for all along.